Here's some eye candy!
This is a  Benjamin .25 cal Marauder I customized. It's got a custom made stock, custom made
carbon fiber shroud, custom left hand bolt handle attachment and a custom tune.
When set a full power it will launch a 43 gr. EunJin pellet over 964 fps for 89 fpe with a 3200psi fill.
This is a custom .25 cal airgun I built based off of a Crosman 22XX platform. It runs
off of high pressure air that's regulated to 2100psi output and it will shoot a 25.39gr
pellet over 990fps.
Here's a customized .25 Cal Benjamin Marauder I built up for a customer. I lightened the stock by a half pound and refinished
it, I installed a A2A custom valve & modified gauge block, I did some other custom mods and did a custom tune. This .25
Marauder is capable of producing over 70 fpe when using a 43gr pellet, #10 hammer spring and with a 3000 psi fill.

If your interested in a custom Marauder and would like to get info on different options and pricing please email me @
Thanks for visiting Addicted2Airguns!

2014 is upon us and I want to wish everyone a Happy New Year.
With that being said I have some bad news for the airgun community.
My life has started to go into a new direction and I have decided to
take a break from doing airgun stuff for right now. I've been so busy that I can't keep
up with orders and request and it's taking it's toll on me. I'm finishing up some projects
right now for other customers and then I'm going to take a break from the hobby I so enjoy.
I wish I had a actual shop and I could make this a full time job but for now it's still a hobby
that I love to do on the side when I'm not working at my "real" jobs.

To all my customers who have purchased from me I want to say Thank You! I will still
warranty all my builds so if your having issues please email me. Don't know how
long I'll be out of it but I'll be back. I just need to take a break. I've not shot my own
Marauder or any of my airguns for over a year. I've not been able to try and make
some new ideas I have so this might give me some time to go out and
have fun and think about how to make more power and still have a good shot count.
I will still be doing some repairs for Crossman but I'm not going to be making
parts or selling OEM parts on my site.
The CnC'd A2A Aluminum AR style stocks are done and I'm going to sell them two ways. You can either purchase them
as a Main Section in which you will need to purchase the buffer tube, butt stock and grip. The Main Section will
sell for $275.

I'm also selling them as a complete stock and they will come with a Hogue rubber grip, UTG buffer tube and a Magpul Airsoft
CPR butt stock with a 1.25" cheek riser. The complete stocks are $389
Crosman Challenger stock inletted for a Marauder Rifle. Adam Denz is Stoked!
If your interested in a Challenger stock for your Marauder rifle I'm selling them for
$170 shipped. email me at to order one!
The stock above was made for a Colorado Rockies Baseball player and the one below was for his buddy!
Here's a couple more pistol grip stocks made to the customer's specs. Both customers
bought the buttstocks and grips to really make it their's and one of a kind!
For more information on tunes and other stuff on the Marauder rifle and pistol check out
the Marauder Rifle Forum! Lot's of info from  really good people on there! You can also
find a link to order the Marauder rifle at a discounted price on the main page.
Addicted2Airguns is a Authorized Crosman Repair Center
If you want to see a lot of great tuning advice and other stuff on a bunch of different types
of airguns including Crosman and Benjamin check out GTA International Airgun Forums!
A lot of really good tuners and airgunners on there!
This stock came out very cool. Has some really neat layering!
The first A2A CnC'd stock belongs to Bill Ruth. Thanks for the great pictures Bill!
PCP Air Rifles from Benjamin
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